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Let the Summer Begin


The movement of the body, the animation of the moment. Tharshing forward with full force the board finds that sweet spot located in the core of your soul. It’s rad, it’s fun and in these next two days celebrate the beginning of summer. Whether your a skateboarder surfer or just young at heart, Go Skateboarding Day and International Surfing Day lets us be a little rowdy with an awesome community of life enthusiasts. From the Island I have always found peace  and excitement being around water. We are all a part of it, the fish that we eat drinks from the same water and nourishes us with hydration. We are not all the same, but we are the same water. Taking care of our water is important because it ameliorates our present day and connects us to form a beautiful future, so eventually all we leave on the beach is our foot steps. We are stoked to be part of Surfrider Foundation and 1% For The Planet not only for the outstanding work they do, but to remind us that the small everyday things we do to help Mother Nature accounts a great deal. Summer Solstice is a time of intensity, renewal and great potential. On the longest day of the year let the light of our consciousness shine bright in our awareness to be passionate and do dope things.


Ameliorate: to make something better or become better as an awesome individual


Downhills and Longboarding


From the top of the slope. The radness you feel at 80 miles an hour riding a longboard down hill, 85 if you got crazy wind pushing forward those twisty corners. Met some boarders from the island today that were talking about hills with insane incline that I feel are treacherous to drive in the rain. Bendy and steep together downhill and longboarding is sick. Big ups to them and all the longboarders who cruise these speed with there epic style. BOOM!

The Holiday Spirit Of Our Modern Times


With the malls and all the stores bursting with decorations  for the christmas holidays I would still like to wish my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. With that atmosphere of commercialization in mind, it is the disputation that surrounds the over produced holidays of our modern times.  I’m reminded of how Christmas was presented to me as a child with my parents, aunts and uncles. The traditional way of ending the year with the ones you love and a reason to possible connect with the ones you have been estranged with. Bringing the gift of togetherness and celebrating all you have experienced, good and bad throughout the year. It was a few years ago when I was having a conversation with someone that I caught myself saying “oh I love that, you should get me that for christmas”. Which is alright here and there, but a truly special gift is receiving something you need more than you want. Something different, something special just for you. It can come in any form, but it’s the thought and effort of someone finding a gift that you may enjoy on some level even if you never thought of it.  Maybe sometimes all you need is to know that someone out there cares enough about you to try and understand some characteristic that makes you your awesome self. Its a reason the clothes we make are hand crafted. Each person that comes through our store, to us, means that some element of our culture resonates with them, and finding ways to share a closer bond is the connection that illuminates my spirit.

With Cyber Monday coming up every company out there blast out crazy deals to encourage sales for the holidays and as a business, we are as well, but not for the same reasons. This blog isn’t a plug for sales, but hopefully an opportunity to grow our community. The voice of One Tribe is not spoken on the tongues of mainstream yet, which helps embody the uniqueness of its untapped freshness. Perhaps our message of keeping that fun, badass rebel inside of us alive, while building an ecological harmony with mother nature, is something that you, or a person your thinking of this holiday season would be stocked to be a part of. Also, it being a plus that you get half off on all the gear, because shopping in pjs while scoring wicked deals is fun for everyone. So in staying true to my roots I hope everyone in the WordPress community finds that beautiful Christmas spirit and enjoys the kick off to this holiday season. To Check out One Tribe 2010 and the new winter collections we have click the link below to visit the store.

Eleven Years of Badass Performance

xgamesthe X games are here, closing with its final event in Los Angeles, which is also the final year it will be hosted in Southern California before setting down on Austin Texas. LA has been the spot where feats are achieved. The elusive 4 who have competed in every X games since 1995. Pastrana being only one of the three athletes to score the trifecta, was the only one to do it in LA and Ryan Scheckler striking his phenomenon as the youngest gold medalist wining at 13 in the skate park event, did it here. The powerhouse talent that comes every year reaches new heights at the LA competition. Breaking barriers and breaking some bones along the way too, a lot of first have been accomplished here. This year Vickie Golden as the first girl ever getting rad on the Moto X Whip  with the boys and showing it with awesome style, coming up third with the bronze medal.  Elliot Sloan chasing a dream he has finally achieved in LA ,taking his first gold in the Big Air Event, right ahead of Bob Brunquist who with a broken nose was still trying to compete for the number one spot, but had to settle for bronze. The Big Air event is my favorite, seeing the unstoppable determination of these badass athletes who seek out the impossible and then push forward to land it perfectly. To feel like you could tail grab the moon before you descend back down to earth was an inspiration of the Big Air series, the new summer collection at One Tribe 2010. From its original 4 year stint, turned into eleven years of  mind blowing performance, creating milestones and heros. Before the weekends over lets give full props for the SoCal area for being the stomping grounds for a showcase of talent on an epic proportion.

check out the Big Air Series and more at

The Craftsmanship Of Our Culture

pic5Handmade products are more than just a product. There is uniqueness in each one produced with the shire passion and creativity that makes it one of a kind. At One Tribe 2010 we always believed in the garment being tailored to the individual, made with considerably more attention to detail, originality, and care. Focused on the quality we found even as we grow the roots down way of making clothes still produces the higher yield and tends to last a bit longer. Designs are printed with eco solvent inks on recycled paper materials keeping are environmental effects of pollution lower than what mass production might accumulate on a larger scale. We are not using organic cotton clothing at 100 percent just yet but as we progress to our full potential we will continue to go out and go full tilt at everything we are passionate about. A way for everyone in the One Tribe community to be badass without being dumbass, and a reason why we have the honor of being members of One Percent for the Planet and The Surfrider Foundation. Which is awesome, because we vibe with their vision of restoring Mother Nature to her complete beauty and can correlate our efforts with like minded companies that work with them. Even though The online experience misses the ability of the human touch, the assurance that everything will be perfect, knowing how your clothing was made and where it came from adds value to not only the product but the overall purchase. Thats what brings the sense of pride in the creation process, willing to go the distance to see it perfect because whether we win or lose we won’t go against are own principals at One Tribe 2010. Check out the Endlesss Summer collection and the Big Air Series  (edition 1), just two of the many we will be dropping this summer.


Finding that sick skate spot


Steve Rodriguez once said, “In the shadow of the Brooklyn bridge lies a paradise for so many that the rest of the world is blind to”. Sick skate spots are discovered in their awesome rawness, hidden under bridges, off ramps and uncreative eyes, offering a state of badass terrain  like the greats of Brooklyn Banks. 3 blocks of perfect sequence benches pillars and stair rails. bklynbanks.1.21.10.-540x405The Embarcadero with the San Francisco EMB crew  who kept it real doing some sick craziness of the Little 3, grinding over traps that might catch your back wheel and get you pitched down the step.Dope spots like this have seen popularity rise to epic proportions gaining the legit respect of becoming some of the best skateparks. Many our a shadow of its original incarnation due to the landscape being sacrificed to the modernization of the cities it resides in. Burnside Skatepark is one of the exceptions, protected from the raining Portland weather a no-mans land with empty lots and easy access to the passing freight trains offered a clandestine gem. Located Underneath the Burnside Bridge on the east side of the Willamette River, everything is burly. Multiple hips, gaps, speed lines, bowls. Created by skateboarders without permission later sanctioned by the city gets revamped every year from the crazy Halloween night it was created. With the blood and sweat that skaters pump into these spots, these simple open areas transcend into their legendary statues. Locals with out of town visitors push the limits of technical street skating to new heights, become proving grounds, learning grounds, epitomizing the drive and creativity of the deep culture in skateboarding.  To check out more on this badass spot click below 

Site :

Youtube :

Top picture Burnside Skatepark; Left picture Brooklyn Banks

Stoked for the launch of the One Tribe 2010 online shop


      For awhile now we’ve been setting up an online retail store and are stoked to announce we have officially launched. One Tribe 2010 Clothing. A mix of clothing and apparel in the world of surf,skate and snow. Started out simple with a hobby of making t shirts to friends and family around the northern west coast on a old school heat press. Sold our first tee during the pre winter olympics of 2010. Hence the name One Tribe 2010. Living on an island and a ferry roll away from the rocky mountains set the vibe and found us fitting with some great communities. We look on bringing it back to the basics. When being awesome rad and gnarly spoke so loud. Designs reflect the vert evolution of skateboarding. Hitting the back countries of the Canadian rockies and the sick breaks of the North Shore pipeline.

one tribe fonts with logo copy

Along with some cool companies we’re offering some wicked, original, quality products. Sweet sunnies from Nectar Sunglasses out in Florida. Beanies, tuques and hats from Discrete Headwear in Utah, and the awesome longboards from Jaseboards on the north shore of Oahu. We love the part of getting out there and being badass. But also being true to the culture and history that celebrates the innovative progression of the sport. Recognizing that we have a part to keep the environment beautiful to enjoy for generations to come. A great reason why we hoooked up with One Percent For The Planet. Contributing one percent of our sales to assist in their righteous eco driven programs throughout the globe. Further driving our inspiration to set forth our own ecological efforts in house with the Envy Green program. Basically we would like everyone to be envious of this awesome planet we call home and want to do their part in preserving it.

With the awesome crews were associated with, and all the brother and sisters who hoist up their middle finger, live life to the fullest and by their own rules, we are stoked for the global journey to come and hope you will have some kick ass fun with us. After all we are all One Tribe and “life is what you make it”.

Mahalo & Respect from:

The whole crew at One Tribe 2010

to link up with us on the site click here

Hellloooo World

pic4Hello to the awesome world out there. We are One Tribe 2010 a web based clothing & apparel co for people who live life to its fullest. Our company & mission are fuelled by our passion for surf, skate, snow, global ecological harmony, philanthropy, community and anything else we find Rad with a nugget of Gnarly thrown in for good measure. Basically we are 2 laid back bros from Vancouver Island,  BC, Canada. Inspired by our great white north culture & west coast island chillin lifestyle, we decided to take what started out as hobby to the global community in the hopes of making a difference and raising awareness to how people see this big blue marble we call home and each other.

 Although we have not officially launched our site it is our sincere hope and would be stoked if you joined us this journey. One Tribe 2010 offers high quality, fun clothing with Bad Ass designs and a host of other products from our like minded partners, Jaseboards, Nectar Sunglasses, Discrete Headwear and 1% for the Planet. What is most important to us are  the great local, global community fundraising programs we will be presenting through out the year and how our customers/friends can fundraise for philanthropic efforts in their own home towns.  After all we are all One Tribe, just people helping people and we sincerely look forward to meeting you. Peace check us out

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