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Two Sides Of The Same Coin



Whether grey or blue sky the hoop won’t change. The only thing that might change is how you look at it. the ambition/thrill to play. The revelation that the drive to be outside far surpasses the obstacles infront of you. A completely different dynamic, the truth is it is difficult to feel overheated with cold clouds overhead. But the beauty of an overcast day is after the running, embrace the cold air rushing through your body.
As the heart beat slows to a regular beat and the brumal atmospheric conditions begin to tickle at the little hairs and arms, nothing feels better then slipping on a sweater. One of the reasons why at One Tribe, for the extra warmth, we rock Hoodies with a heavier thread.  Because whether its by the ocean or in the concrete jungle our playground shouldn’t  be decided by wheather.

Fun word
Brumal ~ anything relating to that shiver that comes from wintry cold weather


Blazing down the Matterhorn in record time


Spanning 14,692 feet, the Matterhorn is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The faces are steep, and only small patches of snow and ice cling to them; It is one of the most deadly peaks in all of Europe. The average climber requires between 9 to 12 hours to accomplish it, Kilian Jornet Burgada set a new speed record by doing it in 2 hours 52 minutes. Setting off from the church at Cervinia (2007m), The climb via the LIons Crest route from Italy took 1:56 for him to touch the summit at 4476m and descend back in 56 minutes.

A long-distance runner, mountain biker and endurance athlete, Jornet is a three-time champion of the Skyrunner World Series and the winner of the 2011 Western States Endurance Run  The rocky terrain is hardly hospitable and challenges the most experienced athlete. With versatile endurance Jornet was able to push through every aspect of the Matterhorn which borders between disciplines of all the different terrain along the mountain. A feat accomplished at this measure is an inspiration to approach your summit with the same ferocity and determination as we persevere to our awesomeness. Check out the link below for a clip of Jornet blazing down the Matterhorn like a mountain goat. click here 

Young surfer Kyuss King has the potential

Image12 year old Kyuss King, named after legendary rock band “Kyuss” has been tearing it up. Started surfing at 2, sponsored by Volcom at 6, he has been shredding waves from Sydney to his hometown of Bryon Bay, Australia. Recently being welcomed to the DND team roster, and claiming the 2011 U12 NSW State Titles Championship, the golden lock Kyuss has the potential to follow such greates as John John Florence and Kelly Slater. to check out more about Kyuss click here

Article: Adam van Koeverden

As a community of people who live life to the fullest, by nature we are explorers. Who love the challenge that comes when we build our skills and the knowledge gained in the pursuit of becoming our great awesomeness. ImageAfter winning the silver olympics in London, kayaker Adam van Koeverden has been doing many things among learning the guitar, advocating for Parkinson’s disease, he took the challenge of climbing Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro in effort to raise money for the nonprofit organization Right to Play. Together they did an outstanding job surpassing their goal of raising $100k and hitting the $130k mark. Being able to learn through the experience and positive reinforcement of game play, RIght to Play does an awesome job of using sports to empower disadvantage children. Big ups to one of our Canadian brothers for going out helping the kids and taking the ‘dis’ out of disadvantage. To check out more of Adam van Koeverden and his efforts with Right to play click here

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