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10k in 48, HOORAY!


Hooray again I’ve never ran passed the Causeway so fast. I pushed for that last bend to the end remembering what the little girl signed said. “Dig Deeper”, because it was just a Seinfeld episode and a have ago we were all clustered on the street at the start gate with bright eyes and springy shoes.  Whether it was dropping the gear at the tents or a last minute bladder drain everybody was feeling fit and everything they were doing had a spring to it. Then it kicks off, we begin to move slowly like a herd at a cattle drive. Feeling Billy Crystal is gonna pop up behind me on his noble stead saying Moo Cow! Moo Cow!.

But seriously what is this? Its 8 in the morning on a Sunday and I’m already a mile deep. But its not just me, this mass amount of people get together every year on this day and run 10k. Its wild! Trying to utilize the weirdness of running down these main streets through red and green lights. “Should I act like a car on low gas and just give ‘er” because about 3 km in, you start thinking about the last cigarette you every smoked. But if the fireman with full gear on isn’t stopping then neither am I.

Hitting the water edge with the hill ahead we were a variegated school of fish swimming as one.  Possibly what it might have looked like when Moses lead his people with pride and determination out of bondage.  If Nike or Reebok where around in those times. Now the moment of hydration with arms extended the water station is a scene of crushed cups and the chaos of changing your rhythm. The climb rose and the Indian drums pound a peppy beat that could be categorized if there was something out there called Tribal Pop. Its spirited and then I see it, “1 mile left”. The sexiest sign I would see all day.

Congrats to all the runners who attempt marathons of any distance.

Fun Word: Variegated

Anything that is vari colored and diversified in its awesome natural state 


Two Sides Of The Same Coin



Whether grey or blue sky the hoop won’t change. The only thing that might change is how you look at it. the ambition/thrill to play. The revelation that the drive to be outside far surpasses the obstacles infront of you. A completely different dynamic, the truth is it is difficult to feel overheated with cold clouds overhead. But the beauty of an overcast day is after the running, embrace the cold air rushing through your body.
As the heart beat slows to a regular beat and the brumal atmospheric conditions begin to tickle at the little hairs and arms, nothing feels better then slipping on a sweater. One of the reasons why at One Tribe, for the extra warmth, we rock Hoodies with a heavier thread.  Because whether its by the ocean or in the concrete jungle our playground shouldn’t  be decided by wheather.

Fun word
Brumal ~ anything relating to that shiver that comes from wintry cold weather

RIght Before You See It


 Then the darkness breaks, The wind sweeps over the head and you get a sweet salty smell, the trees stop and you begin to see blue and light. The wind hits again and as you gravitate towards the still mountains you know your about to come up to an epic view.

It was a fun day out in the hills of deep metchosin forest. Saw a jeep climb cliffs, saw mussels the size of fish. Cold breeze but One Tribe did up some warm Ragnarock Hoodies.

Find Your Compass In Virtual Reality

I just viewed something that enlighten my eyes to see technology finally meeting with my imagination. The Wild Within VR Experience is interactive and beautiful. Taking you up the Great Bear Rain Forest surrounded by an aerial perspective of earthy rich landscape with multiple destinations to experience. You then get to choose your own adventure, love it. Watch how a vision at Dare Agency combines with drones and go pros to create a cool flow of travel through this space of majestic beauty. Excited for the finish because this looks like something awesome to experience.

For more on this project and other collaborations check out these sites

Dare Agency

Destinations B.C


The clouds burst and the raindrops poured down sprinkling over the mountains, streaming through the landscape. Riding down trials like sheets of liquid sunshine mirroring the majestic scene around, it was awesome. In the *deluge of a fall day on the island, a new trail was discovered.


Fun Word

Deluge : downpour of greatness pertaining to mother nature, your fellow man or a flood of anything that you  feel is awesome.

The Twelve Shows of Christmas

fb seasons greet word press

Everything is bustling and the eagerness of parties, get togethers, swarays, gifts, hugs, mistletoe and dressing up in holiday sweaters is growing. As we get closer and closer to Christmas day, all these social endeavors will have us swimming with emotions of happiness, spinning through the holidays like the perfect waltz, and it’s very diffident to want to stop. With this chaotic joy the season can pass by in a flash, which is the beauty of Christmas traditions. They stay the same, never age and when we take those moments to fully experience them, they almost stop time for a short while. Taking us to a place we know as a child and changing it up a little to reflect who we are now. Allowing us to notice the special gifts of life, love and family we receive everyday. That’s what makes them timeless.

With the twelve days to Christmas beginning soon we at One Tribe have a tradition, celebrating The Twelve Shows of Christmas. Each year Santa brings a big ol’ bag of awesome movies and from the hustle and bustle leading up, we cap off each night with a holiday favorite. It slows things down and gives us a chance to enjoy the season a little bit longer. We all have our favorites, but these particular festive movies showcase the stupendous amounts of style, performance, breath taking scenery and the joyous, sometimes blunderous Christmas spirit that makes them connect with any generation and the honor of being timeless. Follow along the twelve days with us and enjoy the classics with a few honorable mentionables.

Scrooged | Charlie Brown | Christmas Story | Trading Places | White Christmas | How The Grinch Stole Christmas | Die Hard | Santa Claus Is Coming To Town | Christmas Carol | Gremlins | National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation | Its A Wonderful Life

Honorable Mentions: Rudolph | Home Alone


*Diffident – when you hesitant because your are not confident truly in your heart

Amazing feats from a youthful heart


Recently I did a write up on a killer company out of Twin Falls Idaho. Inter Demented BASE jumping provides people the means and lessons to fly of the 486 ft Perrine Bridge. Im stoked to hear about the awesomeness that took place over the weekend. To celebrate her 102 birthday Dorothy Custer did a tandem jump of the bridge, bringing her day into epic style. Which is a follow up to her  first zip line across a canyon she achieved a year earlier for her 101st birthday.  She defines the very essence of what being fun and badass is all about. When asked about her jump she simply said “It was too short, now there is nothing left to do but just live”. Words that irradiate simplicity and beauty.  After a life full of memories, relationships and roads traveled  she still seeks out the awesomeness on this big blue marble with vibrant positive energy. base-jump-1-At an age where most of us may never reach Dorothy inspires the youthful power of the heart to live your life to the fullest and leave now regrets. To hire the full story of this incredible women click here

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