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10k in 48, HOORAY!


Hooray again I’ve never ran passed the Causeway so fast. I pushed for that last bend to the end remembering what the little girl signed said. “Dig Deeper”, because it was just a Seinfeld episode and a have ago we were all clustered on the street at the start gate with bright eyes and springy shoes.  Whether it was dropping the gear at the tents or a last minute bladder drain everybody was feeling fit and everything they were doing had a spring to it. Then it kicks off, we begin to move slowly like a herd at a cattle drive. Feeling Billy Crystal is gonna pop up behind me on his noble stead saying Moo Cow! Moo Cow!.

But seriously what is this? Its 8 in the morning on a Sunday and I’m already a mile deep. But its not just me, this mass amount of people get together every year on this day and run 10k. Its wild! Trying to utilize the weirdness of running down these main streets through red and green lights. “Should I act like a car on low gas and just give ‘er” because about 3 km in, you start thinking about the last cigarette you every smoked. But if the fireman with full gear on isn’t stopping then neither am I.

Hitting the water edge with the hill ahead we were a variegated school of fish swimming as one.  Possibly what it might have looked like when Moses lead his people with pride and determination out of bondage.  If Nike or Reebok where around in those times. Now the moment of hydration with arms extended the water station is a scene of crushed cups and the chaos of changing your rhythm. The climb rose and the Indian drums pound a peppy beat that could be categorized if there was something out there called Tribal Pop. Its spirited and then I see it, “1 mile left”. The sexiest sign I would see all day.

Congrats to all the runners who attempt marathons of any distance.

Fun Word: Variegated

Anything that is vari colored and diversified in its awesome natural state 


RIght Before You See It


 Then the darkness breaks, The wind sweeps over the head and you get a sweet salty smell, the trees stop and you begin to see blue and light. The wind hits again and as you gravitate towards the still mountains you know your about to come up to an epic view.

It was a fun day out in the hills of deep metchosin forest. Saw a jeep climb cliffs, saw mussels the size of fish. Cold breeze but One Tribe did up some warm Ragnarock Hoodies.

Blazing down the Matterhorn in record time


Spanning 14,692 feet, the Matterhorn is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The faces are steep, and only small patches of snow and ice cling to them; It is one of the most deadly peaks in all of Europe. The average climber requires between 9 to 12 hours to accomplish it, Kilian Jornet Burgada set a new speed record by doing it in 2 hours 52 minutes. Setting off from the church at Cervinia (2007m), The climb via the LIons Crest route from Italy took 1:56 for him to touch the summit at 4476m and descend back in 56 minutes.

A long-distance runner, mountain biker and endurance athlete, Jornet is a three-time champion of the Skyrunner World Series and the winner of the 2011 Western States Endurance Run  The rocky terrain is hardly hospitable and challenges the most experienced athlete. With versatile endurance Jornet was able to push through every aspect of the Matterhorn which borders between disciplines of all the different terrain along the mountain. A feat accomplished at this measure is an inspiration to approach your summit with the same ferocity and determination as we persevere to our awesomeness. Check out the link below for a clip of Jornet blazing down the Matterhorn like a mountain goat. click here 

Defined A Generation

TransWOLRDThe glory of an era and fundamental chapter in the evolution of surf has ended. Trans World Surf changed the game for the better, keeping it rad and gnarly . Thank you for bringing the culture of the sport to new badass heights and for all the love you gave Vancouver Island. With their final edition printed we wanted to share the final edit notel of the magazine because nobody says it better than Chris Cole. Peace


“Every month, I looked forward to sitting down at my computer and writing my Editors Note, but on this occasion it’s a heartbreaking endeavor as this will be the last one I’ll ever write for TransWorld SURF. After nearly 15 years of success, growth, and 150 or so great issues- business and bureaucracy have dealt a death blow to the worlds’s best surf magazine-this is the last issue of TransWorld SURF, ever. At least death came quick, this issue was 99 percent done when word came down from the top.

When the news of our demise broke online, the outpouring of love and support shown to the magazine and its staff was and continued to be incredible and I cannot begin to tell you all how much we appreciate it. When we started this magazine, we had a goal to make surfing fun again. We wanted to shake things up and progress the sport. We wanted to break barriers. We strove to introduce and celebrate new heroes and respected legends. We made it our goal to make fun of ourselves and everyone around us. We were excited at the prospect of pissing people off. Mostly, we wanted to change surfing-and we accomplished all of this and more.

Am I bragging? Fuck yeah, I’m bragging. In our relatively short existence in the surf media landscape, we changed the game completely-becoming the leader in photography, Design, forward thinking editorial, and yeah, dick jokes and plenty of cussing. We invented a whole new way to look at surfing. We even invented a whole new bro-nacular (*Broisms). Unfortunately for surf fans all over the world, our exit leaves a void on newstands and in mailboxes that will never be filled in the same way again.

TransWorld SURF defined a generation. The hardest part of closing our doors is leaving behind an entire group of young surfers who were literally raised reading TransWorld SURF. I could go on and on, but I won’t. All I can say is TransWorld SURF left the surfing world a better place than it was before we were in it and at the end of the day, That’s where our legacy will stand_TransWorld SURF changed surfing for the better. We are proud of the indelible mark we left on surfing. Thank you to all the readers, writers, surfers, photographers, designers, critics, haters, subscribers and all the people behind the scenes who made this magazine possible for the last 14 years.

And on behalf of the whole staff, past and present….your welcome”

Chris Cole
TransWorld Surf

Finding that sick skate spot


Steve Rodriguez once said, “In the shadow of the Brooklyn bridge lies a paradise for so many that the rest of the world is blind to”. Sick skate spots are discovered in their awesome rawness, hidden under bridges, off ramps and uncreative eyes, offering a state of badass terrain  like the greats of Brooklyn Banks. 3 blocks of perfect sequence benches pillars and stair rails. bklynbanks.1.21.10.-540x405The Embarcadero with the San Francisco EMB crew  who kept it real doing some sick craziness of the Little 3, grinding over traps that might catch your back wheel and get you pitched down the step.Dope spots like this have seen popularity rise to epic proportions gaining the legit respect of becoming some of the best skateparks. Many our a shadow of its original incarnation due to the landscape being sacrificed to the modernization of the cities it resides in. Burnside Skatepark is one of the exceptions, protected from the raining Portland weather a no-mans land with empty lots and easy access to the passing freight trains offered a clandestine gem. Located Underneath the Burnside Bridge on the east side of the Willamette River, everything is burly. Multiple hips, gaps, speed lines, bowls. Created by skateboarders without permission later sanctioned by the city gets revamped every year from the crazy Halloween night it was created. With the blood and sweat that skaters pump into these spots, these simple open areas transcend into their legendary statues. Locals with out of town visitors push the limits of technical street skating to new heights, become proving grounds, learning grounds, epitomizing the drive and creativity of the deep culture in skateboarding.  To check out more on this badass spot click below 

Site :

Youtube :

Top picture Burnside Skatepark; Left picture Brooklyn Banks

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