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Find Your Compass In Virtual Reality

I just viewed something that enlighten my eyes to see technology finally meeting with my imagination. The Wild Within VR Experience is interactive and beautiful. Taking you up the Great Bear Rain Forest surrounded by an aerial perspective of earthy rich landscape with multiple destinations to experience. You then get to choose your own adventure, love it. Watch how a vision at Dare Agency combines with drones and go pros to create a cool flow of travel through this space of majestic beauty. Excited for the finish because this looks like something awesome to experience.

For more on this project and other collaborations check out these sites

Dare Agency

Destinations B.C


Bring your Jack O Lantern fatal end in Epic Style


For all the halloween enthusiasts who craft their genius and bring spooky, demiurgic life to a round orange squash out of the pumpkin patch, simply tossing it away might feel wrong. Giving it a proper send off into the underworld with the same creativity that went into carving it has always brought me the soothing feeling of closure. And with that I have discovered a new way to do so in Hope B.C.  Drive the Scenic Fraser Canyon with its’ 7 mountain tunnels into the historic heart of British Columbia and visit the biggest ‘rush’ on the Gold Rush Trail. A historic landmark where 200 million gallons of water per minute thunder through this 33 metre wide passage and you can see this place for yourself as you exchange mountain ranges aboard one of the only descending gondolas in North America. A place famous for the location of Rambo: First Blood” has know created another at Hells Gate Airtram. With a breathtaking, awe striking, vivacious portal to hells gate, ride 500 feet up and toss your pumpkin out the tram window and watch as it descends to ground zero and your skillfully sketch Jack-O-Lanterns meets its end in epic jason Voorhes style. Like many of us, we at One Tribe  love Halloween and experiencing amazing heights of breathtaking scenery, at Hells Gate Airtram it is an awesome way to do it both. check out the link below for more info.

BASE Jumpers Oasis

413636Straight off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho is a BASE jumpers oasis. Daredevils fly off buildings, bridges and natural landmarks to get the dangerously amazing feeling, but where most places are illegal, Inter-Demented BASE jumping hooks it up. A school providing an open spot for you to fly off of with 468 feet below you. One of the worlds phenomenal BASE jumpers Sean Chuma, is head guru and instructor of the school. A local of Idaho, this bad ass bro comes through by teaching you the fundamentals needed to experience the awesomeness without breaking yourself into 3 pieces. To learn more about Sean Chuma and Inter-Demented BASE jumping click here

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