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Find Your Compass In Virtual Reality

I just viewed something that enlighten my eyes to see technology finally meeting with my imagination. The Wild Within VR Experience is interactive and beautiful. Taking you up the Great Bear Rain Forest surrounded by an aerial perspective of earthy rich landscape with multiple destinations to experience. You then get to choose your own adventure, love it. Watch how a vision at Dare Agency combines with drones and go pros to create a cool flow of travel through this space of majestic beauty. Excited for the finish because this looks like something awesome to experience.

For more on this project and other collaborations check out these sites

Dare Agency

Destinations B.C


Christmas in Odesa


At the beginning of every year that momentum we get is driving by a propitious nature that flows through us and revitalizes are passion to seek out the journey that lies ahead of us.  Which is why it is in perfect form to celebrate unsung dedicated ones surfing the finest breaks however big or small because even in the remote and most unlikely parts of the world you can still find destinations like this one in Arcadia Beach, Odesa, Ukraine.  The official day for Ukrainian Christmas was yesterday, where some celebrate for the whole week and in keeping with my roots  I’ll shall do the same because Ukrainians know how to party.


Propitious – the very welcoming favorable choice thats full of promise to become awesome


Let the Summer Begin


The movement of the body, the animation of the moment. Tharshing forward with full force the board finds that sweet spot located in the core of your soul. It’s rad, it’s fun and in these next two days celebrate the beginning of summer. Whether your a skateboarder surfer or just young at heart, Go Skateboarding Day and International Surfing Day lets us be a little rowdy with an awesome community of life enthusiasts. From the Island I have always found peace  and excitement being around water. We are all a part of it, the fish that we eat drinks from the same water and nourishes us with hydration. We are not all the same, but we are the same water. Taking care of our water is important because it ameliorates our present day and connects us to form a beautiful future, so eventually all we leave on the beach is our foot steps. We are stoked to be part of Surfrider Foundation and 1% For The Planet not only for the outstanding work they do, but to remind us that the small everyday things we do to help Mother Nature accounts a great deal. Summer Solstice is a time of intensity, renewal and great potential. On the longest day of the year let the light of our consciousness shine bright in our awareness to be passionate and do dope things.


Ameliorate: to make something better or become better as an awesome individual

Water Colors

Wordpress watercolorSplash blue all over the  back because a blue sky just feels great. Mix a combination of green, smooth it out and watch the water emanate and blend into jagged spearheads. Giving the dark fade of shadow to linger with mystery and  mischevious sin. They might have a little direction in the beginning but water colors are gonna do it their way. Their a badass part of illustration and design whether on canvas or through a reflection.

Fun Word

Emanate: to come forth and emerge into creation

Finding Snake Mouth

snakemouthAs I headed toward the lake, off the sunlight pass I came across this. This boss of a serpent ready to show you me the way. I call him Snake Mouth. Scouting around we have looked at many sweet sights to put the media together for the new summer collections, some of them didn’t match what we had in our head. Knowing when you have found the right spots for photo shoots though, is sometimes guided with illustrative enlightenment by simply being observant of how cool nature can be.

The Blossoming Of Spring

Covered Bridge in Spring

I love this time of year with the *inflorescence of spring bouncing off every cherry blossom and grassy hill flowing with a gentle wind off the coast. The sun radiants and you feel that jolt to mingle out a little longer and join in some activities and gatherings. That excitement of summer makes you think of the new things you want to do and enjoy some of the favorite classics. One of my new things I’m stoked to try is hand gliding. I wonder what other ideas out of the adventurous  we could attempt this summer. Got any your fired up about trying out this summer?

Fun Word: inflorescence

A state of flourishing and blossoming into your beautiful self

painting from the collections of Sung Kim

Bring your Jack O Lantern fatal end in Epic Style


For all the halloween enthusiasts who craft their genius and bring spooky, demiurgic life to a round orange squash out of the pumpkin patch, simply tossing it away might feel wrong. Giving it a proper send off into the underworld with the same creativity that went into carving it has always brought me the soothing feeling of closure. And with that I have discovered a new way to do so in Hope B.C.  Drive the Scenic Fraser Canyon with its’ 7 mountain tunnels into the historic heart of British Columbia and visit the biggest ‘rush’ on the Gold Rush Trail. A historic landmark where 200 million gallons of water per minute thunder through this 33 metre wide passage and you can see this place for yourself as you exchange mountain ranges aboard one of the only descending gondolas in North America. A place famous for the location of Rambo: First Blood” has know created another at Hells Gate Airtram. With a breathtaking, awe striking, vivacious portal to hells gate, ride 500 feet up and toss your pumpkin out the tram window and watch as it descends to ground zero and your skillfully sketch Jack-O-Lanterns meets its end in epic jason Voorhes style. Like many of us, we at One Tribe  love Halloween and experiencing amazing heights of breathtaking scenery, at Hells Gate Airtram it is an awesome way to do it both. check out the link below for more info.


Located in Lesser Poland.  Czestochowa is a place of deep history engraved into the fabric of the land rich with color. In the village of Olsztyn the ruins of King Kazimierz Wielki 14th century castle still stand as the tower overlooks the rolling hills. Where many come to see the Black Madonna in the Pauline monastery of Jasna Gora there lies an abandon train depot encased with graffiti, and durning this time of halloween with thick fog on a cold night, this spot is kinda of eerie. But never the less a sick landscape.

Cool Waters Of The Deer Group Islands


Located in the beautiful back country of Barkley sound lies the small fishing town of Bamfield B.C. The relaxed pace and natural beauty plays host to a secluded inlet that leads you out into the alluring landscape of the Deer Group islands. Less for the adrenaline rush a kayaking trip to travel through flourishing forest that cascade against the neighboring inlets and islands. bright colors of the sea life mixing with a vast spectrum of blues in the cool waters is a definite kickass way to see this part of B.C.  Paddling around the east side of Fleming and through Robbers passage land arch  where you can catch it as the tide rolls in propelling you out like a power boost through the deep rooted caves. It can take many days depending on the trip and you can find some pleasant spots to camp throughout. Some rocky terrain, but others with the white sands of a tropical beach on Stud and Ross. Absolutely great fishing and not uncommon as you kayak around tzarus island to see fisherman all over the island grabbing great looking salmon. Throughout the world there are captivating clusters of islands. The temperate climate and variegated landscape of B.C make this archipelago a source of motivation to take care of our coastal environments and makes me proud that we at One Tribe 2010 our proud members of Surfrider Foundation and !% For The Planet, working together to bring greatness to Mother Nature loveliness. To check out more, head to onetribe link below

picture courtesy of Taylor Mar


Blazing down the Matterhorn in record time


Spanning 14,692 feet, the Matterhorn is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The faces are steep, and only small patches of snow and ice cling to them; It is one of the most deadly peaks in all of Europe. The average climber requires between 9 to 12 hours to accomplish it, Kilian Jornet Burgada set a new speed record by doing it in 2 hours 52 minutes. Setting off from the church at Cervinia (2007m), The climb via the LIons Crest route from Italy took 1:56 for him to touch the summit at 4476m and descend back in 56 minutes.

A long-distance runner, mountain biker and endurance athlete, Jornet is a three-time champion of the Skyrunner World Series and the winner of the 2011 Western States Endurance Run  The rocky terrain is hardly hospitable and challenges the most experienced athlete. With versatile endurance Jornet was able to push through every aspect of the Matterhorn which borders between disciplines of all the different terrain along the mountain. A feat accomplished at this measure is an inspiration to approach your summit with the same ferocity and determination as we persevere to our awesomeness. Check out the link below for a clip of Jornet blazing down the Matterhorn like a mountain goat. click here 

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