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Downhills and Longboarding


From the top of the slope. The radness you feel at 80 miles an hour riding a longboard down hill, 85 if you got crazy wind pushing forward those twisty corners. Met some boarders from the island today that were talking about hills with insane incline that I feel are treacherous to drive in the rain. Bendy and steep together downhill and longboarding is sick. Big ups to them and all the longboarders who cruise these speed with there epic style. BOOM!


Defined A Generation

TransWOLRDThe glory of an era and fundamental chapter in the evolution of surf has ended. Trans World Surf changed the game for the better, keeping it rad and gnarly . Thank you for bringing the culture of the sport to new badass heights and for all the love you gave Vancouver Island. With their final edition printed we wanted to share the final edit notel of the magazine because nobody says it better than Chris Cole. Peace


“Every month, I looked forward to sitting down at my computer and writing my Editors Note, but on this occasion it’s a heartbreaking endeavor as this will be the last one I’ll ever write for TransWorld SURF. After nearly 15 years of success, growth, and 150 or so great issues- business and bureaucracy have dealt a death blow to the worlds’s best surf magazine-this is the last issue of TransWorld SURF, ever. At least death came quick, this issue was 99 percent done when word came down from the top.

When the news of our demise broke online, the outpouring of love and support shown to the magazine and its staff was and continued to be incredible and I cannot begin to tell you all how much we appreciate it. When we started this magazine, we had a goal to make surfing fun again. We wanted to shake things up and progress the sport. We wanted to break barriers. We strove to introduce and celebrate new heroes and respected legends. We made it our goal to make fun of ourselves and everyone around us. We were excited at the prospect of pissing people off. Mostly, we wanted to change surfing-and we accomplished all of this and more.

Am I bragging? Fuck yeah, I’m bragging. In our relatively short existence in the surf media landscape, we changed the game completely-becoming the leader in photography, Design, forward thinking editorial, and yeah, dick jokes and plenty of cussing. We invented a whole new way to look at surfing. We even invented a whole new bro-nacular (*Broisms). Unfortunately for surf fans all over the world, our exit leaves a void on newstands and in mailboxes that will never be filled in the same way again.

TransWorld SURF defined a generation. The hardest part of closing our doors is leaving behind an entire group of young surfers who were literally raised reading TransWorld SURF. I could go on and on, but I won’t. All I can say is TransWorld SURF left the surfing world a better place than it was before we were in it and at the end of the day, That’s where our legacy will stand_TransWorld SURF changed surfing for the better. We are proud of the indelible mark we left on surfing. Thank you to all the readers, writers, surfers, photographers, designers, critics, haters, subscribers and all the people behind the scenes who made this magazine possible for the last 14 years.

And on behalf of the whole staff, past and present….your welcome”

Chris Cole
TransWorld Surf

Ten Cool Surfing Towns

The culture of surfing has brought a community of life enthusiasts the worlds biggest waves, inspirational journeys, breathtaking scenery and lots of awesomeness from those who ride the waves.  I have put together 10 great surf spots from around the world that everyone should put on there bucket list. Surf towns were you can immense yourself in the culture, learn of the deep history and have incredible fun and an amazing experience.

Tofino, British Colombia

surf-tofino-british-columbia_55608_600x450Got to give it up to my hometown. The huge tides flatten out the beaches and create very mellow beginner waves. An old fur trading town sitting on the prettiest spot on Vancouver Island has fresh culture with great markets and festivals

Taghazout, Morocco

images-1This ancient Berber encampment became an outpost for European adventurers trekking into southern Morocco in the 1960’s. The waves are almost long period ground swells and the winds consistently blow offshore means great shape and plenty of power

Bundoran, Ireland

Top surfer finds 'biggest swell'This centuries old fishing village catches just about any swell that steamrolls through the North Atlantic. Known as Europe’s cold water Indonesia the Emerald Isle most famous reef break the Bridge is a unique mix of old school Ireland and surf culture.

Byron Bay

01719509.000000Near the remnants of prehistoric rain forest of the Gondwana forests in Queensland, Byron Bay stands out as one of the spiritual and historical homes of surfing that favours live bands and relaxed cafes. A place for great waves and a pleasant atmosphere.

Biarritz, France

Roxy Pro FranceConsidered the birthplace of European surfing Biarritz is a nice combination of French high culture and SoCal surf culture. If you need to get away from the high end vibe check out surrounding villages such as Ahetze and Espelette for a taste of small town Basque.

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

imagesA small town tucked away between the salt marshes, sandy barrier islands and old wooden piers of the American southeast. The southeast is hotbed of stand up paddleboarding and Wrightsville has one of the most popular loops in the region

Santa Cruz, California

Taking the Kids for a Weekend in Santa CruzTucked between sea cliffs and redwood forests this NorCal gem boasts a fantastic surfing museum and classic surf spots like Pleasure Point. Steamer Lane was proving ground for aspiring West Coast big wave riders in the 1950’s who rode giant winter swells on wooden longboards

Nosara, Costa Rica

071114nosara_insiderWarm water, friendly locals, endless beaches, powerful river mouths, long point breaks, and high swells make it a veritable surfing Disneyland. To get some volcanic reef action head north to Playa Pelada or experience the awesome power of the heavy tubes of Bocas del Nosara

Paia, North Shore Maui

The Hana highway surf shop located in the small town of Paia, a popular stop for many surfers and water sports enthusiasts.Starting out as a sugarcane boomtown now has a artsy, eccentric vibe perfect hangout for artists, surfers and wind sport enthusiasts. Not as well know as Oahu’s North Shore, daily side shore winds that shred the lineups most afternoons means that there are a lot of waves for everyone.

Raglan, New Zealand

IMG_9739The town is a throwback to the the golden days of surfing. Whaingaroa as it’s known in the local Maori language, introduced itself to the world when the  seemingly endless left hand point breaks were featured in Bruce Brown’s film The Endless Summer.

Bukit Peninsula, Bali

surf-bukit-peninsula-bali_55594_600x450The peninsula is a rural outpost of limestone cliffs, pristine beaches, fearsome reef breaks, and hilltop temples where Indonesian culture still dominates. For the more experienced surfer visit two of the most famous waves in the world at Padang Padang and Uluwatu.

To check out more awesome surf towns click here

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