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The Art throughout Poland

2-600x400  Through a rich culture, a feeling has been engraved into the polish skate scene of today, a determination to create awesomeness. 1st Floor is the biggest concrete indoor DIY spot in Poland and possibly all of Europe. Its origin began with a local skater, Jacek Harasimluk who came across an abandoned building to be a sweet spot to ride during the winter. With his friend Boniek Falicki inspired a vision to revitalize the whole building in to skateboarding and art. Piotrek-Ebert-hardflip-600x900Transforming all corners of the architecture into brilliance, 1st Floor includes a quaterbowl, banks, ledges, bumpy waves, two wallrides that gives a wallride transfer option, a funbox, two grindboxes, two rails and a pole jam. Where these two skateboarders saw a diamond in the rough and polished out its shine, so was the creation of the architecture deep within a salt mine in the south. From the 13th century these salt mining artists have achieved in creating a full Cathedral, rock salt chandeliers, many intricate sculptures and carvings along the long walls. Wieliczka-saltmine-kingaReaching 1023 feet deep, the reflections of the wonders can be seen in the underground lake. Located in the southern town of Wieliczka the mine was one of the oldest in continual operation in Europe, only second to the mine in Bochnia Poland. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site Poland proves that with determination rawness can be turned into awesomeness. Poland is a symbol of prosperity showing how a community revels together to achieve beauty and wonder out of the rawest form. Truly Badass. to check out more of the Salt Mine of Wielickzka and Ist Floor click the links below.

1st Floor:

Salt Mine:


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OneTribe 2010

Bringing Surf+Skate+Snow+Everthing Rad & Global Harmony Together

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